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Group Sessions

Our support groups are usually 3-6 people meeting at a time in a group setting. Groups are a great way to meet other people who are experiencing similar feelings and circumstances as you. Group sessions can be a great add on to therapy you are already doing to offer some additional support.

Available Groups

Grief Group Sessions

Thrive Forward Therapy offers face-to-face group sessions for adults designed to offer support through the grief experience. Group sessions are held for six weeks to offer consistent support where understanding, compassion, validation, and a way through the pain can be found.


6 weeks

90 minutes each

Pet Loss Group Sessions

Thrive Forward Therapy offers virtual group sessions for adults designed to support and educate on the process of grieving the loss of a beloved pet. We partner with Deceased Pet Care to offer these groups twice a month on the first and third Tuesday of every month.



Twice Monthly


60 minutes


Ready to move forward? 

See if Thrive Forward Therapy is the right fit for you with a complimentary call to one of our therapists.

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