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Men And The Art Of Year-End Reflection: A Blueprint For Success

The end of 2023 is near, but 2024 is just within our reach. As you begin thinking about your desires, plans, and goals for next year, it can be helpful to reflect on this year’s past achievements, successes, and shortcomings. We can’t succeed in our future, if we aren’t familiar and reflective with what we have experienced in our past. There are a few things that you can reflect upon that can help drive your further success for 2024.

Reflecting on your successes

Perhaps, 2023 was a highly successful year for you. You worked hard and put in the hours that were necessary to achieve your goals. Your vision was clear and fulfilled to perfection…with maybe a few bumps in the road. A good question to ask yourself and reflect upon is what specifically helped you get to where you wanted to be? You are looking for that difference maker that elevated you to that next level. Maybe it was time management, clear and concise communication, leaning on others for help, or paying attention to the details that no one else did. Whatever the answer is for you, keep that in mind as you head into 2024. Think of ways you can continue to implement that difference maker for your next vision or upcoming goals in the new year. When you find something that has proven to be really helpful for your success, hang onto it, and use it to your benefit.

Reflecting on your shortcomings

While you can learn much from your successes, you may find yourself learning even more from your shortcomings. Maybe 2023 was good for you, but there were some things that could have been executed more efficiently or goals that weren’t met the way you had initially envisioned. Whatever the case may be, it may be helpful to reflect upon what didn’t work and why it didn’t work. Was it something that was out of your control? If it was in your control, what was the specific reason for the pieces not coming together? What was in the way of the vision coming to fruition? Whatever it was, try reflecting on how things could have been implemented better. What would have needed to happen for it to have been successful? What was missing or could have been incorporated smoother? All these questions can help facilitate the reflection process providing knowledge that may help you to better execute your future plans for the new year.

Every year you will more than likely experience the highs and lows of success. Sometimes, everything comes together smoothly and neatly just like you planned. Other times, the result isn’t quite what you hoped for or expected. It happens. However, reflecting upon both your successes and shortcomings can provide you with insight on what to keep doing as is and what needs to change for next year’s goals to be met successfully. Your successes can multiply, while your shortcomings can be used as tools to benefit your future plans. Reflect upon 2023 and be ready for 2024, a new year for opportunity, adventure, and success.

Written by: Dr. Austin Shugart, LPC

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