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Beyond Resolutions: Creating A Family Vision This Year

As we step into a new year many people commonly think of resolutions and goals, but what if we took a different approach? Instead of developing individual goals, consider creating a family vision that fosters connections, improvements, and shared aspirations. Creating shared goals in your family can bring intentionality to some of the most important relationships in your life. When our most meaningful relationships are going well, all other aspects of our lives are drastically improved. 

Tip 1: Reflect on Shared Values

Start by gathering your family and reflecting on the values that matter most to you. Discuss what makes your family unique and the principles that bind you together. Whether it’s fostering open communication, promoting kindness, or embracing adventure, it’s important to identify the shared values that you all believe will lay the foundation for a cohesive family vision.

Tip 2: Describe the Family Experience

Get curious about the family experience each person envisions and desires to achieve in the upcoming year. You could ask “What does each person in the family envision feeling when they are home or with our family?” This could be feeling welcomed, comforted, loved, or entertained. The follow up question to this could be, “What would help us create this experience within our family?”

Tip 3: Create a Visual Reminder

Transform your family vision into a tangible, visual representation that serves as a daily reminder of your shared family vision. This could be a vision board, vision statement, or even a digital collage. Include images, quotes, and symbols to represent the essence of your family vision. Doing this as a fun family activity can help all members of your family be excited and inspired by your family vision you have created together. Once you and your family have created this visual representation, decide together on a central location within your home to place it as a reminder throughout the year of the vision you share together.

As the new year unfolds, consider moving beyond traditional resolutions and try creating a shared family vision with the tips and resources found here. By reflecting on shared values, describing the family experience you desire, and crafting a visual reminder, you not only boost your family connection but also instill a sense of purpose and inspiration within your family.

Download a free digital booklet to help you develop your family vision:

Written by: Jennifer Wilmoth, LMFT

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